This section contains websites featuring black erotica resources and communities. All of these websites have free content such as message boards, black erotic stories, poetry, artwork, etc.
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Name: AfroerotiK
Description: AfroerotiK features personalized and customized ebony erotica, free erotic e-cards, black and interracial erotic audio stories, and much more all written from an Afrocentric perspective to show African-Americans in a healthy light. Afroerotik is an excellent site although a bit confusing to navigate. Lots of great stuff to explore and investigate.
Description: This is an extremely comprehensive black erotica community created by black erotica author Isis Jones. This site has a lot to offer, including member blogs, stories, poetry, artwork, videos, shopping, user profiles and on and on. The site has been newly designed and you can now view everything without registering which is a big improvement!
Name: Dark Connections
Description: Dark Connections is a BDSM site for people of color. The user contributions are absolutely phenomenal! There are hundreds of erotic stories, poetry and artwork, a history of black BDSM, personal ads, black fetish videos and so much more. It would help if the stories had a short description so you would know what to expect before reading.
Name: Ebony Love
Description: Ebony Love is an active African-American discussion board featuring forums for short stories, poetry and general events. They also have a few cool retro arcade games. Although the name is Ebony Love, it's fairly light on erotica, still a nice place to meet people and share topics.

Name: Erotica Noir

Description: Erotica Noir is the website of popular black erotica author Zane. The site is somewhat difficult to navigate, however if you dig around enough you will find tons of black erotica stories, articles, an advice column, and more. Very engaging site.
Name: Kuma
Description: Black lesbian erotica. Readers are encouraged to browse freely through Kuma's vast array of erotic art, poetry, short stories and audio. They also have personal ads, community stories, a beautiful art gallery and more. Very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.
Name: Nude Africa
Description: Although Nude Africa does have some pay content, they still have the best black amateur photo and video section online and you don't have to be a member to view it. They also have free discussion boards, stories and more. This is a great site for Black Erotica! Lots of beautiful black amateurs sharing nude pictures!
Name: Punany Poets
Description: The Punany Poets, best known for their internationally televised reviews on HBO, BET, Cinemax and Playboy TV, explore black love, sex, and romance through live theatrical performances. You can find tour information, photos, stories and poetry here.

Name: Rundu

Description: Rundu specializes in creating sensual images of black men and women. The site sells erotic photography books, prints and calendars. They also have interviews, erotic stories, ecards and photo galleries.
Name: Shades of Love
Description: Shades of Love has a lot of information although it is poorly organized. There is an active discussion group, a dating and blogging community and tons of articles on a variety of subjects. There's a whole lot to explore here if you have the patience to sift through it all.
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